Friday, August 15, 2008

A Sweet Bite of the Big Apple

Sponsored Youth Lara Villanueva reflects on her visit to New York for International Youth Day.

People would say that dreams are too far from reality and are only achieved within one's illusion. But for me, if dreams are mixed up with faith, patience, and hard work, it can break the limits of imagination and definitely become real.

This UN trip is beyond the boundaries of my dreams. This is such an unforgettable experience of mine that will never fade in my memory until the time comes to say "adios" to this world. I had a lot of happy moments even from getting my US visa, the security in the international airports, the experience inside the airplanes, the foods and beverages, gigantic buildings and precious scenery, walking in the sleepless streets of New York, the time adjustments, the United Nations Building, staff and comprehensive activities, the Youth Achievement Awardees, and the special luncheon wherein the youth awardees had their blue-plate lunch with Kathy Ireland and top officials from the United Nations.

Amidst some trials and hindrances on getting along with the schedules, my smile remains for I had a chance to meet Rocío, Charday and Jiyaul. Indeed, they became my Empire State Building on viewing and exploring the incomparable city of New York.

Children International Youth Delegates, Jiyaul, Lara, Charday and Rocío.

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