Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Before and After: Feels like Home

You may remember reading about Jim Cook’s trip to India in his March blogs. Visiting sponsored child Shuva Khanra and his family was just one of several important stops along the way.

Strong storms during the monsoon season had damaged many homes, including Shuva’s. Knowing the instability of their home, Nilima, Shuva’s mother, kept her guard up and instructed her children to sleep under their bed on one particularly stormy night. Rain poured in and the very wall that the children slept next to collapsed. Thanks to their mother’s foresight the children were unharmed, but their home was a wreck. The family was forced to construct a temporary shelter to live in.

Not long after, they received wonderful news - Children International would build them a new home thanks to a donation from Gastinger Walker Harden Architects- and best of all, Nilima would no longer have to worry about her children’s safety.

Jim Cook visited the happy family halfway through the construction.

In April this family’s dreams came true when they were finally able to move into their new stable home thanks to the caring donors.

Photos and reporting assistance by Nivedita Moitra, Communications Coordinator in India.


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You're doing a great job helping children around the world recover from natural disasters.

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