Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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...How a visit to their sponsored child caused a sponsor and his wife to discover the power of working together for a cause – and how their child and her family are better for it today.

...What can happen through a single donation! See how one sponsor’s generosity has enabled at least 50 people to achieve a higher standard of living by virtue of hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit.

...How the power of collaboration is embodied in the “Six Degrees of Sponsorship.”

...That hard work and determination are still an unstoppable combination! Travel along with four outstanding young people who have made their mark in their communities…and now are leaving their mark on New York City.

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rosie said...

hello, i was recently in DOminican Republic visiting the Hermanas Mirabal Museum in Salcedo and found a group of kids from the visiting it as well. can you post pictures? They where from the Santo Domingo agency.