Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You Did It!!!

You (our sponsors) are truly awesome people!

Within a matter of hours of posting the "What It Means to Be Alone" story, I'm thrilled to report that both Mwanza and Lavmo have found sponsors! Just was only a few days ago that these five orphans literally had no future. Now, thanks to people like you who really care, they have a future -- and it's a bright one!

Thanks to our special sponsors who opened their hearts to Mwanza and Lavmo (and their brother and sisters)!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow up! So glad all the children are sponsored now! Although I didn't end up sponsoring one of the children in this family it did encourage me to evaluate my finances again and decide I could afford one more sponsorship. I sponsored another child today. (A 9 year old girl from India.)
Question if you know: She is added to my online account now and her photo album only has one photo from a year ago. Does this mean I am likely her first sponsor? (Just curious as to whether there is a way to know if she is new to the CI program or a responsored child.) Thanks!

Kelly said...

Hi Paula,

Great news!!

Send us an email at with the ID of your newly-sponsored child and we'll be happy to find out for you.