Friday, May 30, 2008

Can You Help Twinkle?

I want you to meet a special girl named Twinkle. She is from Manila, Philippines, where she lives with her mom and her seven-year-old brother, James.

Twinkle's dad is not in her life, and according to the information provided by our agency in Manila, she and her family get by on just $42 a month.

Twinkle is 10 years old. Here's the really tough part. She's been waiting for a sponsor for three full years -- nearly a third of her life!

It's ironic that a girl with a happy name like Twinkle should have such a difficult life. So...

Will you help? You can make a difference in the course of Twinkle's life by becoming her sponsor today. And of course, I'll personally handle setting you up as her sponsor. Just drop me an email at


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