Monday, May 12, 2008


I’m not a scientist, so I can’t begin to explain to you the technical reasons why the frail fibers in a rope become able to sustain great amounts of weight when they are combined…but I know it’s a fact.

The power of working together….

Just last week we saw three of our blog readers step forward and sponsor another child. Aside from the dramatic change this will produce in the lives of the three newly-sponsored children and their families, these three sponsorships have added their strength to the larger effort in which Children International is involved: the effort to eradicate child poverty.

Of course we know the problem is bigger than any one person or even any one organization can solve. But change is happening and good is being done, all through the combined efforts of individual sponsors. Your collective efforts have literally transformed communities.

So I’m asking you to help us add some fibers to the rope. Bringing about change is as simple as sharing the excitement of sponsorship with a relative, neighbor or co-worker. Best of all, we’ve provided an exciting new tool to help you do this.

Visit today and set up your personal campaign. Each new sponsor you recruit equals a real child living in real poverty who is suddenly given hope for the future.

Once you’ve recruited your first sponsor, please come back to the blog and let us know. We’d like to celebrate with you!


evergreen3 said...

Would it be possible to get some more background information or statistics on the current sponsorship situation...perhaps having more facts would allow us to be more persuasive with friends and relatives? For example how many children are currently in need of sponsorship. Of those how many are new and how many are children who are looking for re-sponsorship as the sponsor had to drop them? Is there a breakdown by country or age of the children in need of sponsorship? How many total sponsors are there, broken down by country of the sponsors, and how many sponsors sponsor more than one child? How many children get sponsored each week? How many get dropped from sponsorship each week? I sponsor 10 children and plan to take on sponsorship of one or two more this year, but what is the average number of children sponsored. What is the most number of children sponsored by any given sponsor? This is my opinion, but sometimes you can pull the heartstrings easier when you have more facts to work with.

2raine said...

I have a friend would love to sponsor a child from your site. But she said when she visit the website she did not fine enough info on child/family.

Anonymous said...

Had a thought - wonder if you have any CI sponsors who have had very good luck motivating their friends to join as sponsors? I'd love to see an interview with someone on what works and what doesn't work to encourage their friends to sponsor. I know some of my friends would get so much out of sponsoring but due to what they've heard about other sponsorship agencies and the commercials that are on late at night(the Sally Struther's type of appeal really turns off people of my generation), they think that sponsorship would not be for them.


Andrea said...

Hey, 2raine, I'm curious what information you friend wanted to see and did not?

And Paula, I think you are so right about the image of this type of organization amongst younger people.