Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Question of the Month

Posted on behalf of Kevin Fleming

Here are last month’s results:

Why are diseases like TB, malaria and typhoid making a comeback?
Please choose the TWO answers you believe are the biggest reasons.
A) Antibiotic Resistance
B) Corrupt Political Regimes
C) Lack of Health Education
D) Low Priority for the Developed World

There are many reasons why diseases flourish in the developing world. Diseases mutate to resist the bacteria. Corrupt political regimes take funds that were destined for health campaigns, and no one can doubt that in an era of unmatched prosperity, the forgotten poor (who suffer in silence) are too often ignored.

As sponsors, the most popular choice of “lack of health education” is not surprising. Your support makes heroic education initiatives possible. Through this sharing of knowledge, misconceptions and superstitions about health are broken down and lives are saved.

We teach all of our sponsored children basic hygiene. We teach their mothers proper food handling techniques. And our Youth Health Corp conducts extensive wellness training and reproductive health classes. We are making a difference one young mind at a time!

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