Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Question of the Month

Please take a second to share your thoughts about a disturbing trend in the world’s health.

Why are diseases like TB, malaria and typhoid making a comeback?

A) Antibiotic Resistance
B) Corrupt Political Regimes
C) Lack of Health Education
D) Low Priority for the Developed World

Here are the results from last month’s question:

What is the best way to end poverty?

By a large margin, “educating children” was the most popular answer chosen by the blog’s inaugural, question of the month participants.

Most people would agree that the approach to end poverty must be creative and utilize many pathways and education is a very important pathway.

Through sponsorship you give a child an opportunity to learn. Our sponsors provide school supplies, uniforms and fee assistance. These are huge benefits for a poor family and help keep a hungry mind in school for as long as possible.

Oxfam estimated that for every year a child stays in school, 10% is added to their future, annual earning potential. Education can change the world and sponsors are helping to do just that.


evergreen3 said...

Education of children is extremely important and that may be the primary reason for the HOPE fund. All sponsored families are living in poverty, with many parents having limited job skills and education. Are job training programs available thru CI to improve the employment situation for parents? If not, is it possible to provide funds thru CI to train or educate parents so that their income levels may go up, or so that health conditions in communities will improve?

Jennifer said...

Although it varies depending on the need in each country and community, sponsors make possible numerous skills, self esteem, and business related trainings.

In many cases, to improve the life of a child in a real and lasting and sustainable way, we must work to introduce their parents to opportunities.

Many times it only takes a small financial gift to get a small business off the ground.

TK said...

How can I find out what is the cost to finish college education generally in Colombia (Barranquilla and Cartagena), and in Ecuador (Guayaquil)? Would the agencies of CI over there have some information?