Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Keeping a Sponsored Youth "Write" on Track

Posted on behalf of Miriam Lemus. Edited by Sarah Trapp.

Sixteen-year-old Erick from Guatemala City is a hardworking young man who began selling and delivering dairy products at the age of 8.

“I like it because I can see new places,” he says. But Erick has bigger dreams. One day, he’d like to work in a bank.

His sponsor's care has had a profound impact on Erick (center, with his mother and his brother).

For several years now Erick has lacked the influence of a father in his life, and things haven’t been easy. Luckily, Erick can count on the support of his caring sponsor, Nathaniel. According to Erick’s mother, his sponsor has been there for Erick more than his actual father. Erick and his sponsor communicate regularly, and the bond is obvious.

“My sponsor writes me things, and I tell him about what I do here. He has helped me to get ahead, especially with my studies,” says Erick.

In addition to the regular benefits of sponsorship, Erick’s sponsor has also sent him special donations for things like furniture, groceries and even a bicycle. These special gifts and words of encouragement make a world of difference in Erick’s life. Take it from Erick: “I like having him as my sponsor, and I feel very grateful for everything.”

With a caring sponsor guiding him through kind words and material support, Erick is one step closer to achieving his dreams.

Have you written your sponsored child lately? Go to and log in to “My Account” to send your child a few kind words.

Miriam Lemus is the communications coordinator for Children International's agency in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Sarah Trapp works at CI's home office in Kansas City, Missouri.

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