Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Four Years of eNews

Posted on behalf Damon Guinn

This April marks the four-year anniversary of eNews. And, as editor, I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve made leaps and bounds since our first issue was published in April 2004. In fact, if you mentioned the word “blog” to me back then, I might have thought you were referring to the sound a pig makes when burping. Now here I am announcing the release of this year’s April edition.

While times and technology have changed, the basics of sponsorship have not. It’s still one of the fastest, most effective and personal ways to reach out and help children in need. And eNews serves that purpose by providing a vehicle for us to share stories about children and families who might otherwise remain faceless and forgotten. This month’s issue is a case in point.

We’ll introduce you to a couple of very deserving children named Mousumi and José who really need sponsors – otherwise, they may not be able to attend school. We’ll also tell you what’s happening at some of our sponsorship agencies this month so you’ll know exactly what benefits your children are receiving. Then there’s the story of Ibelia from Ecuador. Hers is a tragic tale of the toll poverty can take on helpless individuals.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating four years of eNews by reading the articles and sharing them with your friends and family. Because, together, we form a virtual community that is actually addressing real world problems.

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evergreen3 said...

As a result of the eNews articles last week, I began sponsoring 2 more children from those described in the slide show, Benjamin in rural Guatamala, and Nelisa in Quezon City. I now have 10 sponsored children...and can help one more family thru sponsorship now. Is there a need for sponsorship in Ibelia's family, another sibling...or is there another compelling need that you can suggest?

Damon said...

Benjamin and Nelisa will be delighted to have such a great sponsor looking out for them. And I'm sure Ibelia's family could use an extra helping hand. We'll check on their situation and get back to you. Thanks for all your great work!