Monday, April 14, 2008

The Way to Lose Wait

No, I didn’t misspell that.

Certainly, I’d be none the worse for the experience if I were to lose a few pounds...but right now, I’d like to lose some wait.

We all know how interminable some waits seem. Doctors’ offices. Automotive service centers. The stretch between lunch and supper. Waiting for the next passing zone so you can get around the driver you’ve been following for the last 30 miles and who is convinced that any speed over 40 (on the highway) is just a foolish and unnecessary risk.

But when you are a poor child waiting for someone to become your sponsor, the wait seems like an eternity – or even longer, if that’s possible.

Seeing the other children in the community proudly sporting their new school supplies...going to bed at night knowing that if tomorrow you get sick there is a doctor who’ll see you right away...having a chance to get a decent education…knowing there’s a place where you belong and that somebody across the miles really cares about you…these things are worth the wait.

And hundreds of children are waiting. Some have waited for as long as two years. Why not be the one who brings that wait to an end?

Not sure you can handle it? Maybe your Uncle Sam will help you out this year! Just think of what a difference a sponsorship paid for with a tax incentive rebate would make in the life of a child who’s been waiting for help for a long, long time.

On Tuesday, April 15, you’ll be able to visit our home page,, and read a special feature about children who are waiting for sponsors. You’ll also be able to watch a slideshow that will let you meet some of these children.

Give it a try...Sponsorship: The Ultimate Wait Loss Program.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for posting this...we just started to sponser a little girl last week, I am eagerly looking forward to my welcome packet. I am going to send this to my friends and put it on my blog. God bless.

evergreen3 said...

I sponsor 8 children from five countries, and help other families in these and other countries as well. I hope to add two more sponsored children this year. For each of my sponsored children and other families that I help, I try to provide homes or home improvements, more clothing, food, and special gifts (bicycles are popular). My dilemma is whether to sign up the one or two additional children now, which might then limit what I can provide to my other sponsored children, or wait until the end of the year when all the children should have received what I can offer them this year. My tax return this year will help buy homes for two of my sponsored children.Any thoughts or suggestions from CI staff or other sponsors?

Anonymous said...

yeah it is either sponsor a lot of kids n give them all the chance of sponsorship...
or sponsor a few kids but give those kids more ....
but... thy get so much they otherwise wldnt get from sponsorship..
maybe sponsorship of a lot is the better option ,
but i guess thats a personal choice...