Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Unconditional Friendship

If you’re a pet lover like I am, then you know that pets just make life a little nicer. It’s a shared human experience to care for other animals, and whether you live in a large comfortable home or one made out of discarded materials like many of the families we help, pets offer loyal companionship that can’t be bought. A stray dog or cat, a fish or even a turtle can be the perfect thing to bring a little bit of happiness to a poor child; a friend and playmate who loves them for who they are, regardless of the poverty they live in. Their situation doesn’t diminish their ability to love and care for a pet in the least. Just take a look at these children and the pets they adore.

Fausto in Quito, Ecuador carries his puppies everywhere.

Antony, Juan and Julieth in Barranquilla, Colombia play with turtles in their neighborhood.

Brothers Vincent and Charlie show off boy’s best friend in Tabaco, Philippines.

Wilmer in Rural Guatemala takes great care of his cat - even if the cat will never admit it. (Wilmer is also waiting for a sponsor to care for him. Hint. Hint.)

A big thanks to our Communications Coordinators for capturing these playful moments. Photos from top to bottom by Andrés Barreno, Patricia Calderón, Sarah Jane Velasco and Javier Cárcamo.


Robyn said...

I would like to sponsor Wilmer, if he doesn't have a sponsor yet! How would I go about setting this up?

Thank you!

Sarah said...

That is awesome, Robyn! Please send me an email at and we can get things rolling :)