Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sponsors Give Thanks

At Children International we love to hear from grateful sponsored children and youth about how sponsorship is helping to create positive change their lives. We also recognize that sponsorship is an experience that offers so much to the sponsor as well. In honor of Thanksgiving in the United States, I asked some of our sponsors around the world to help me express the joys of sponsorship by completing the sentences below. Their answers are heartfelt and personal and make me feel even more thankful for the work that I do. It’s wonderful to help needy children, but it is also great to have something in common with great people like our sponsors.

I am thankful for sponsorship because...

-it gives me the chance to love and care for children, even though I don't have children of my own. – Efrain

-it completely changed my life and the way I look at it. Sponsorship made me a better person. - Susana

-it has given me a chance to help someone who needs it (there is no way I could stretch a dollar as far as CI can!) and has taught me to appreciate what I have instead of crying about what I don't. I am thankful for sponsorship because it has given me a chance to show unconditional love for my girls and show them that someone does care in this oftentimes harsh world. - Katie

-it has brought peace into my heart. – Stephanie

-[it makes] me realize how we worry about insignificant things, when there are so many that can benefit from our help. – Guasponsor

I am thankful for my sponsored child/children because...

-they keep me humble, and thankful for all the benefits and opportunities I am so lucky to have in my life! – Amalia

-they remind me how fortunate I am to live a life free from poverty. By giving some of
what I've earned to those in need, they give back with their kind thoughts and warm wishes. Their gratitude is more valuable than the few dollars I send their way. It's a win-win relationship!
– Steve

-they continually help me to put my own life into perspective. – Dana

To see more of these great responses or to contribute your own, please visit our Children International Google Groups page. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Children International!

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