Monday, November 10, 2008

Sponsored Children Express their Dreams through Art

Each year our sponsored children participate in Children International’s art contest and express themselves with paint, crayons, pencils and color pastels. Sarah Jane Velasco, Communications Coordinator in Tabaco, Philippines shares just what these drawings and paintings mean to needy children.

Dreams are limitless…even the harsh realities of poverty cannot stop a child from dreaming of a better future. The artwork from this year’s workshop clearly proves this.

Children International’s annual art contest provides an opportunity to sponsored children and youth with a knack for the arts to further develop their potential. It gives them an avenue for artistic expression through drawing and painting. With “dreams” as the theme, colorful sketches of pilots, policemen, teachers, engineers, doctors, and performers in thought bubbles and other abstract representations were drawn.

For these children, the drawings are reminders of things to hope for and a promise of better days ahead. It challenges them to strive hard so that someday their dreams will be realized. Knowing that education is the key to achieving their dreams, these drawings motivate them to continue their studies and do well in school. It also gets the message across other poor children “to continue dreaming and to discover their talents” said Tisha Mae Sanchez, one of the winners in the art contest.

But it is noteworthy that at their age, these children dream not only for themselves but for their families as well. They want to become somebody someday so that they will be able to help younger siblings finish their studies and likewise chase their own dreams.

In the borderless world of dreams, using only oil pastels and canvass as their tool, these children are given the freedom to choose whoever they want to be. And if their paintings are any indicator, a bright and colorful future awaits them.

Jayson Beloso, one of our featured waiting children, found a sponsor through the blog and won 3rd place for his age group in Tabaco. Way to go Jayson!

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Annie said...

I am Jayson's sponsor and I am so proud of him!!!! Thank you do much for sharing this.