Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Chance to Help

October 15 is a big day…a day known as “Blog Action Day.”

In recent years the world has come to recognize the power of the blog. And this year, bloggers from around the world are joining forces to combat world poverty.

We know we aren’t going to fix the poverty problem in a single day, with a single event – nevertheless, we’re convinced we can make a real difference for quite a few needy children.

Children International has been invited to participate in Blog Action Day, and we’re excited about it. As our contribution to the event, we’ve decided to focus on one of the neediest of all sectors of the world’s impoverished population: children with special needs.

If you’ve been one of our readers for very long, you know we have a great big soft spot in our hearts for children with special needs. We’ve identified several thousand of these kids in the communities where we work – children with disabilities ranging from Down syndrome to critical heart problems, sickle-cell anemia or even AIDS.

We’ll be asking specifically for our readers to consider either making a donation to help these children or sponsoring a special-needs child – or both. And we’ll be standing by to help you do it.

Please join our effort. Between now and October 15, please make your friends and coworkers aware of what Children International plans to do. Let them know CI is a reliable organization with a track record of helping children around the world for over 70 years. Let them know we work with over 300,000 children…and ask them to get involved.

Our new writer, Garrett Kenyon, is passionate about this project. Beginning October 14 and continuing through October 16, he will be issuing a special call to action…so stay tuned.

On October 15 we’re going to help change somebody’s world.


DonN said...

I am with you on this quest. I commend you on your efforts.
I have 3 children. I have friends and colleagues who have children with special needs: from Downs Syndrome through Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS)to Sickle cell disease. I have focussed on MPS and Sickle cell Disease (see
One way in which we have been able to raise funds to help these societies is to tap into the purchasing power of the numerous people who shop online. On the one hand they take the opportunity to save and simultaneously contribute to a good cause (see
Let's all join forces for this GREATER cause.
I wish you the very best.

Su said...

I'm with you! I'll definitely make a donation to a special needs child...

About sponsoring, I'll consider that option either! :)