Thursday, October 16, 2008


All right…listen up, everybody!!! :)

We still need to find sponsors for 13 of the special needs kids featured in our slideshow, “Don’t Look Away.”

And once we find sponsors for all of them, there are still several thousand other special needs children we can help.


We’ve decided to extend Blog Action Day. And, we’ve also decided to up the stakes a bit!

Anyone who sponsors a special needs child through Children International between now and the end-of-day on Friday (tomorrow), October 17, will receive a FREE Children International t-shirt! Sponsor several special needs children, get one t-shirt for each one you sponsor!

To qualify, you must email us at once the new sponsorship has been set up. Let us know you’ve sponsored, and be sure and include your t-shirt size. We’ll take it from there.

Since a number of people may call about the same child, we can’t guarantee the availability of any particular child until you call. So don’t wait – call 1-800-888-3089 now!


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