Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Seventh Day of Christmas My Sponsor Gave to Me...

Seven Doctor Visits

Well, maybe not exactly seven, but sponsored children are fortunate to be able to see the doctor every time they get sick and for their yearly check-ups. From treatment for a sore throat or skin rash to a more serious illness or injuries, medical care is something that all sponsored children can rely on. Mothers of sponsored children count this as among one of the most valuable benefits we offer. An appointment at a private clinic and medicines can cost well over half of their monthly incomes, but at Children International’s clinics, health and peace of mind are free of charge.

“It felt as if we won the jackpot prize in a lottery,” remarked Glena Hular after her sponsored daughter, Gellian, received the heart surgery she needed.

Children enjoy going to our clinics and recognize the value of healthcare as well. Nine-year-old Cazel, from Manila, Philippines tells us about a time when she needed Children International’s help: "Last year, I was not feeling well. My mother brought me to a doctor. He said I was just fine. But when I came to see the doctor at CI she said I had dengue. I was very weak, feeling dizzy and my body ached. I was rushed to the hospital. We always remember that help. I do not know what would have happened to me if the CI doctor was not there."

And Children International will continue to be there for needy children. Medical care is a gift that sponsored children can enjoy year round. So here’s to a joyful and healthy holiday season, to you and your sponsored child.

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