Friday, March 2, 2007

With A Little Help From Our Friends

Coast to coast, sponsors are coming together to share their stories, experiences and heart-felt wishes to help children around the world.

Last summer, the Dominican Republic Ambassador to the United States, Flavio Espinal, and his wife, Minerva Del Risco, opened their home in Washington D.C. to a group of more than 100 Friends of Children International. The goal of the evening’s event was to raise the funds needed to construct a second floor to the already over-crowded Mendoza Center in Santo Domingo.

The fundraiser was a success and after 10 months of hard work, the newly renovated and expanded Mendoza Center is ready for inauguration…today! The center houses medical and dental faculties and meeting rooms. In addition, Microsoft has generously donated a new computer room with 16 new machines. The once overflowing building can now more comfortably accommodate the 2,500 children who consider this center a part of their community.

Without a doubt, the Mendoza Center is a Friends success story. Thanks to all of you who made this dream a reality for the children and their families. We will have a full report of today’s events on Monday.

Photo: Jim Cook, president of Children International, joined by Ambassador Espinal and his wife, along with CI gift officer Franklin Guerrero in Washington, D.C., last summer.


Catherine Niedt said...

CI staff,

Congratulations on your amazing efforts! It's takes so many people to pull together these accomplishments...and it's obvious that so many people sincerely care about the plight of those less fortunte.

After living just a few blocks from CI headquarters in Kansas City for the past 20 years, I never knew the extent of the work going on there. Having recently met your development/marketing director, Brian Anderson, through a family friend, I became intriqued with knowing more about your organization. I've been inspired to "join the family" and plan on sponsoring a child. I will include my 8 year granddaughter in the process and together we will reach out to a child in need. I'm so excited to help! We will spend some time together this week-end and seek out a child that is my granddaughters same age.

My heart is truly touched by your outreach to children and families around the world. Keep the faith and know that what you do inspires others to follow.

God's love is truly with all of you!

Best Wishes,
Catherine Niedt

Jennifer said...

Thank you Catherine for your kind comments!

I used to pass CI almost everyday when I was attending school at Avila and never knew what CI was all about, so don't feel bad :)

I'm excited to hear that you want to sponsor a child. It's really a very rewarding experience. I hope that you'll share your experience with us on the blog!

Catherine Niedt said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'll write about our experience...perhaps it will encourage others to help too.

Best wishes,