Friday, March 23, 2007

What It's All About...

I grew up in a third-world country, surrounded by poverty. The children I played with on a daily basis faced the same stark living conditions as the children that today I’m trying to help through my work with Children International.

Having said this, the ugliness of raw poverty is something you just never get used to. When I received this picture from my colleague Javier C├írcamo at our Rural Guatemala agency, the impact was like a kick in the stomach. This is the reality of the monster called poverty – the monster children and families in the areas where we work wrestle against every day.

I thought I’d share it with our readers just to remind you how desperately important your support is to people who literally have nowhere else to go for help.

Javier and his camera caught this lady in Guatemala digging through trash to find stray kernels of corn with which to make tortilla dough.


Betsemes said...

Hello, it's me again. I think it would be very productive for CI and each one of it's staff to study the principles that are explained in "The Secret", that DVD that's selling big now and it would be even better to study the book. Concentrate on the section titled "The Secret to the World". In summary, our thoughts become our reality and focusing on the negative brings more of the negatives. This comment is not intended to be a criticism of the post, but once we know these things, we know that we must be extremely careful with what we think about. A charity might become many times more effective if it's staff, from the president to the voluntaries, apply the simple principles given on The Secret or a similar book.

Anonymous said...

Reading this reminds me why assisting poor people around the world is such a noble cause. To think that the reality for a mother anywhere is to search through the remains of someone else's waste to feed her children is truly heartbreaking.

I applaud the efforts of any organization who focuses our attentions on helping people like these.

gabbie3700 said...


I hope my Child's mother doesn't do this. The sponsorship is great to do, but there is so much we don't know about our child's day to day life. My child's mother and father both have jobs but they have many mouths to feed. I wonder about things that I will never know. I don't think of myself as noble. The reason I do this is to remind myself that even though I have money problems there are those out there that are worse then me. I care and love the child that I sponsor, but have so many questions about her life. I may never know the answers, but God does and that's enough for now.