Monday, March 19, 2007

The Doctor is In

Healthcare is front and center in the minds of Americans these days…but we’re not alone in this crisis.

Families around the world face health challenges on a daily basis. Some of these stem from the lack of hygiene that inevitably results from living in poverty-racked communities where basic sanitation services such as running water, sewer and garbage disposal are unknown.

But other serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and congenital defects strike poor families with the same random impartiality as they do families here in America.

One of the most important benefits Children International offers to more than 324,000 children around the world is free health care. From routine checkups to treatment for life-threatening diseases, our generous sponsors have given children from poor families a place to turn when health crises arise – and a means to proactively improve their health and prevent the onset of diseases.

Free health care is one of the many benefits sponsored children enjoy thanks to the generosity of Children International’s sponsors.

Children International’s sponsorship program provides compulsory annual medical checkups for all sponsored children through the age of 12. Older children continue to have access to medical care until they graduate from the program at age 19.

Did you know…?
Last year, Children International provided 571,527 medical exams and follow-ups and conducted 237,816 dental exams for sponsored children!


Betsemes said...

Your post states clearly that medical care has a limit; age 19. Is it not provided for people older than that? What about the children's parents?

Kelly said...

Great question! Because our program is structured to help children as they are growing up and until they enter adulthood, medical benefits are only guaranteed until a child graduates from the program at age 19. However, it is not at all unusual for us to help parents and other family members when we are able -- particularly with medical emergencies while the child is in the program.

Betsemes said...

Well, this charity's name is "Children International" so it must be obvious that the emphasis is on children. You know, Kelly, an idea for a charity is forming in my mind. It's too weird to state it here and it's in it's infancy, but I very well might put some efforts on it in the future. Not that I want to compete with CI :-), but I think this idea has enough merits to actually think on it seriously.

Kelly said...

We really appreciate what you're already doing as a sponsor. And anything you do on top of that will certainly be an extra blessing to those who are in need!

Betsemes said...

Another question. When I was about to take my first two girls from CI, I called up the offices with some questions. I remember they said that when a child graduates, he/she remains in letter contact with the sponsor. But I don't know what happens when the child leaves the sponsorship program before age 19. At the other charity, I had the ugly experience of being cut off completely from a sponsored child when the community reached self-sufficiency and the project was closed. I was crying recently when I received her last letter and pictures and finally realized that it was hopeless to remain in contact with her family. I hold to my hopes even after more than a year after the project closure. How these cases are managed by CI?

Jennifer said...

It is a difficult process for most sponsors when they lose contact with their sponsored child and we do our best to minimize the experience. Unfortunately, children leave the program unexpectedly for various reasons. We contact the sponsor and let them know about the departure of the child from the program, but we cannot continue to be the conduit for communication once the child is gone. Our resources must continue to focus on the other sponsored children in the program. When a child graduates from the program, we ask the child to write a farewell letter to the sponsor. And we always encourage the sponsor to help another child who is in need.

I hope this answers your question! For more information, please feel free to contact our Sponsor Services representatives at 1-800-888-3089.