Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have you had your eNews today?

Right on schedule, another edition of eNews is making its way to your email inbox. If you can’t wait until then, here’s a little taste of what July eNews has to offer:

- If you’ve ever wondered just what happens when a child goes to the community center to pick up a sponsorship gift, then The Boy of Eternal Smiles has a video (and a smile) to share with you.

-Mayra’s Life after Sponsorship is looking bright thanks to the support she received from her sponsor. Be sure to read what she said about her favorite sponsorship memory - it truly shows how important even the most common item can be to a needy child. (To read more about youth like Mayra, take a look at our Youth Report Card.)

-A powerful story from Mexico about one mother’s struggle with drugs and alcohol and how Children International helped her to sober up so she could be the mother her children always needed.

-In keeping with the Fourth-of-July spirit, Freedom from Poverty is a photo feature about a Guatemalan field officer who worked in a fireworks factory as a child to support himself and his family.

Did this pique your interest? If so, then read on!

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