Monday, July 14, 2008

Bloggers on a Mission: Richard Needs Your Help

Last week we introduced you to Richard, a young man from Tabaco, Philippines (read the original post here).

As you may recall, Richard’s situation is desperate. His family generates only about $30 of income each month, causing them to live under unimaginable circumstances.

Richard still needs a sponsor…and we’re looking for a champion. Will you be the one to help us find him a sponsor?

Let your family…your coworkers…your friends know that the situation is urgent. Tell them how simple and gratifying sponsorship is – and how great a difference it can really make in the life of a poor child and his or her family.

And if you have a Lift One Project, once you find someone to sponsor Richard, drop us a line at We’ll not only set up the sponsorship personally, but we’ll also make sure Richard’s new sponsor gets credited to your Lift One Project.

We’re standing by to hear from you!

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