Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Question of the Month

While there is no right or wrong answer, we'd love to hear what you think. Each month we will post a thought provoking question to gauge the collective opinions of the Children International community.

Look for an analysis of this question and the next "Question of the Month"... well, in a month!

We'd love to continue the conversation in the "comments" section below.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea for a poll. Another thing I'd be interested reading about is if any employees at the Children International office in Kansas might be willing to share how they felt when they first started there and began to understand the work CI does and how their jobs affect people in need around the world. Are there ways that working at CI has changed them and maybe also their family's view towards charity? Us sponsors only see a fraction of what must be many, many sad touching do the employees deal sometimes with the overwhelming number of children who need help? I guess I think about these questions when I read the blog because I volunteered for many years at a child-related charity and know how much that work changed me.

evergreen3 said...

I think education is important, although education does not need to be only thru college. There are many trades and crafts that can pay well, although sometimes the political climate and/or corruption in a country needs to be changed for incomes to increase sufficiently so that people can reach an income level that allows them to support a family.

Dana said...

Education is the key to success. Being able to compete in the workforce requires an education. That education can come in many forms (college, technical school, on the job training, etc) but in order to compete for decent paying jobs you have to have some sort of education. The other issues are important as well (such as feeding programs since kids will learn better and concentrate more when they arent going without food and very hungry) but IMO education is the foundation to a better life.