Monday, March 3, 2008

An Easter Reminder

Posted on behalf of Damon Guinn, Senior Staff Writer for Children International.

Somewhere deep within my kitchen cabinets, wedged behind a salad spinner and a Bundt cake pan from my Great Aunt Pearl, is an unopened Easter egg coloring kit. It’s been there for years collecting dust and weevils.

My wife and I bought the kit on a whim – perhaps as a last grab at our lost childhood. It’s been little more than a passing thought ever since.
But this year will be different. We now have a 9-month-old daughter with whom to celebrate the season, and her mother and I are excited about introducing some of the fun traditions we ourselves enjoyed as children. No doubt it will be a nice surprise to watch her eyes light up when she discovers brightly colored Easter eggs for the first time.

Easter, then, seems like the perfect occasion to rediscover the spirit of childhood – not only for new fathers like me, but for anyone who wants to add some excitement to a child’s life. Maybe that’s why the holiday is such a popular part of the sponsorship program.

Easter excitement gleamed in the eyes of Aylin (left) and her sister, Marilin, during last year’s holiday celebration in Guatemala City.

Boys and girls who normally wouldn’t receive an Easter surprise get to celebrate the season with a new gift thanks to sponsorship. Regardless of their religious affiliation or family circumstances, they can look forward to the holiday knowing that a surprise awaits them.

You can see for yourself the excitement that took place last Easter by watching “Easter Gifts Near and Far,” that will be featured as of Tuesday, March 4, on our homepage. It tells the stories of children’s Easter experiences from eight different countries. Watch one or all of the slideshows to see the gifts children received and learn more about how we carry out the special holiday event.

Without the presence of so many bright-eyed children in our lives, it might be easy to overlook the joy and frivolity that accompanies Easter. Fortunately, through sponsorship, each of us has the chance to see the spirit of the season from a child’s perspective once again.

Photo by Miriam Lemus, the Communications Coordinator for our agency in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


evergreen3 said...

Today a friend of mine stopped by to visit. When he was leaving he gave me $100 to be used as an Easter gift for one of my 8 sponsored children. I used it for one of my most recently sponsored children, Marjorie, who lives in Bagbag Cemetery in Manila with her mother and 7 siblings. In some religions almsgiving during the Lenten season is encouraged. This year, a very poor family of 8 will have an extra special Easter, thanks to my friend. Perhaps it will start a new tradition.

Jan said...

What a wonderful thing your friend did, Evergreen3. I own a restaurant/casino, and one day a wealthy man visiting from out of state was there. I spent time talking to him, showed him pictures of my children, and without hesitation he pushed some money across the table for me to use to make improvements on the home of one girl I sponsor. It's amazing how willing some are to help on a one-time basis, if we are willing to share the story of sponsorship.