Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Ciro, Bennett and Bernira the past couple of days. In this version of eNews you’ll learn even more about how Bennett has used sponsorship to impact the lives of Ciro and his sister (although Bennett is quick to say that he’s probably the one who’s been impacted the most!).

You’ll also meet a young girl who exemplifies the spirit of giving. Ferlenny is finally experiencing the joy of sponsorship for herself…after unselfishly helping others enjoy its benefits.

The spotlight is warm for Lynyrd Paras. But this rising star in the Philippines is quick to point to the poverty and pain of his youth – and the way out he found through sponsorship – as the source of inspiration for his paintings.

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friarminor said...


Normally, I would be able to just jot down a few statements for interesting blogs and be on my way. But being with Children International is different. Not when my wife and I were involved in a debate not too long ago regarding the fate of one boy named after a band made famous by a home in Alabama. Incidentally, I chose to side with another entry while my wife stuck with him for his art and who went on to win at CI and now has even had an art exhibit in his name.

As much as we're proud of this fact and of Lynyrd, we're even prouder of the time we spent with CI as staff in the Manila office. Not only were we able to help Filipino families on a daily basis through CI, but more so is the fact that I have a family (cause I met my wife here, too) while working for CI. And for this , I owe CI a lot - for the values we learned to uphold and for connecting families with help despite the distance.

I guess, even as we left, my wife, Zaki and me will always be with Children International.

Alain Yap