Monday, February 18, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Meet Neenee Moitra

Posted on behalf of Kevin Fleming

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are impacted by sponsorship. In order to discover how sponsorship impacts these people and their communities, Children International depends on dedicated communications professionals.

Our communications coordinators are located in all 11 countries where we work. They are our eyes, ears, noses and hands in the field. They peek under the rug of the earth to deliver to you compelling and touching stories, the small miracles that sponsorship makes possible.

These communications coordinators wear many hats. At once they are beat reporters, photographers, documentarians, videographers, a smile of encouragement and a shoulder to cry on. Without them our work at Children International headquarters would be far more difficult!

Whenever you read a Journeys article, watch a web video and even read blog posts it’s likely that what you are reading was supported by a communications coordinator.

Nivedita (Neenee) Moitra is our “go-to gal” in Calcutta, India, where she has covered sponsorship for several years. She is a superb photographer who captures a unique view of life in the rural Indian villages where many of our sponsored children live.

Check out her "Snapshot in Time" slideshow on our website, She has provided an audio commentary of the beautiful photos that are presented. The slideshow will be available on Tuesday, February 19.

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