Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remembering to Say “Thanks”

Posted on behalf of Kelly Nix.

One of the biggest casualties of the frenzy of modern life is the simple phrase, “Thank you.”

Are we becoming more self-centered, or have our busy schedules so encroached on our minds that we’re only semi-aware of the myriad lives we touch on a daily basis, and of the many blessings of varying sizes we enjoy? Either way, the demise of “Thank you” is a big loss to our society as a whole.

Two little words that can make hours of hard labor worthwhile. Two words that bring a smile to faces creased with stress. Two words that bring things back into focus and make us remember that we’re entitled to nothing…and every comfort we enjoy is truly a blessing.

And are we ever blessed! I could go on endlessly about the want and deprivation the families we work with around the world suffer…I could talk about the days some of them don’t eat, and of the hours of sweat and toil under hot tropical suns, to be rewarded with nothing more than a buck or two for their labor…but I’d rather talk about what they DO have.

They have dignity. Most have a strong work ethic. Thanks to sponsorship, they have hope. And they know how to say “Thanks!”

In fact, that’s what we hear more than anything else when we visit the field. From moms…dads…teenagers and little children: “Thanks!” Thanks to God. Thanks to their sponsors. Thanks to the agency staff…and thanks to you.

That’s what I had in mind when I put together the “Thanksgiving Around the World” slideshow that’s currently on our homepage, at Why not check it out and let us know what you think?

And most importantly, have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving celebration!

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Children are the World said...

That's worderful! I shared some of my letters that I have received from my sponsored children with a friend of mine last weekend. The letters were full of gratitude. They brought my friend to tears, and she said that she really wants to be a part of this great organization that brings joy to these wonderful people.