Monday, November 5, 2007

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Writer

Posted on behalf of Scott Cotter

I grew up in a rural town outside of Kansas City and was fortunate enough to see the holidays for what they were truly meant to be…a simple and important time of giving and togetherness.

I fondly recall my mother working with the church and various other organizations to make sure poor families had something to eat on Thanksgiving Day. And how these same groups wouldn’t forget those families come Christmas.

It means even more to me today to understand what sort of struggles my parents faced every year trying to raise four boys and make ends meet. And that, no matter what, they always made sure we had what we needed and tried their best to care for others.

That time was long ago. But the lessons my wonderful mother made sure my three brothers and I understood still stand today. It truly is better to give than receive.

Proof of that can be seen in the pictures we’re featuring starting tomorrow on They were taken of sponsored children last year who, thankfully, were able to feel the true meaning of Christmas…thanks to folks like you.

Scott Cotter is a long-time writer for Children International. His stories appear regularly in Children International's Journeys magazine, on our website and in various other publications. His slideshow on Christmas for sponsored children will appear on on Tuesday, November 6. Be sure to check it out!

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