Friday, October 12, 2007

Turning Orange into Green…

This fall at Children International headquarters, a small group of employees has started and maintained a pumpkin patch whose proceeds are designed to ease the burdens of a couple families.

The pumpkins were purchased at wholesale prices and have been displayed in the parking lot, where Children International workers can buy them at market prices. So far, over 100 pumpkins have been sold!

Pumpkin patch profits have been designated for the purchase of a sewing machine for an entrepreneurial mother in Ecuador who has recently fallen on hard times. And the rest of the profits will go directly to Indian families whose homes were destroyed by recent floods.

Eddie Welsh, who helped start the project explains, “This patch is just one small thing, but for the families who will receive relief, it’s huge! If we all keep doing small things they will all add up to something big.”


Catherine said...

Any pumpkins left???? I live about 5 minutes from CI headquarters and would love to stop in and buy a few. If there are more available the week of 10/15 I can send a note to my neighbors living nearby to swing buy too.

Great idea!!! Terrific teamwork!!!

Kevin said...

We've now sold over 140 pumpkins! There is about 20 left. Swing on by anytime and we'll show you around the patch!