Friday, October 5, 2007

International Teachers' Day

In my mind, their is no more noble pursuit than being a teacher. Many in the profession look at it more as a calling, than a job. I come from a family of teachers. My grandma was a teacher, I have five aunts that are educators, my mother and father are teachers and my older brother just left this morning for a year of teaching English in rural Korea. With this said, I apologize if my grammar and punctuation are not precise. It's a blog, Mom.

Teachers around the world rise with the sun, standing in front of hungry minds and imparting knowledge. What a gift! Right this minute...imagine the children smiling as they are introduced to new worlds.

One generation, passing the flame of knowledge to the next. May the flame grow ever brighter.

The encouragement and supplies that your sponsored child receives from your support are instrumental in keeping them in the classroom. And education really is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. It's been said that for every year of school that a child completes, his or her earning potential increases 10%.

Today is a great day to think about and thank some of the educators that enrich our lives, and enrich our world.

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