Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The Aycocho family is one of over 8,000 Filipino families with sponsored children who received aid totaling $4.1 million after Typhoon Durian destroyed communities in Legazpi and Tabaco late last year.

Watch as the Aycochos rebuild their home and their lives.

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FrenchDoc said...

It is a common mistake to think that because people live in extreme poverty, they are helpless and fatalistic. Most of us, living in rich countries, would not survive 5 minutes in such conditions (heck, Paris Hilton could not make it 5 days in a minimum security prison!).
The parents of our sponsors are resilient and resourceful. They do not need us to tell them what to do. They only need a more just world, which I hope, we sponsors and organizations like CI, contribute to building in our own small ways.