Friday, June 8, 2007

Health in Colombia

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Medical and dental appointments and preventive talks were given to the community of Santa Rosa de Lima to help minimize the health problems.

Children International–Colombia initiated a medical mission that was held in collaboration with TCC Colombia. TCC’s state-of-the-art mobile medical station came with four doctors and two dentists from the Universidad of Cartagena and Rafael Nuñez. They gave free care to 240 children over a two-day period.

The medical mission took place at the area where Children International’s Service Center #5 is being built. Children attended with their parents. Patients were seen in an organized way. If medications were prescribed they received them on the spot.

This activity was very important for the municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima, as this community lacks medical services. The closest medical and dental care is located in other towns that are half an hour away from Santa Rosa de Lima.

Parents of sponsored children expressed their gratitude. "This service was excellent; we are happy that our children are part of Children International because we know that every time they get sick we can take them to the doctor," says Mrs. Grisela Altamar Barrios, mother of sponsored child Edy.

There were also preventive talks to minimize the presence of common illnesses for the children of Santa Rosa de Lima. Information was distributed about the flu, respiratory illnesses, malnutrition and nutritional anemia, which are especially prevalent in the rainy season.

Marelvis Campo is Children International's communications coordinator in Cartagena, Colombia.

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