Friday, February 23, 2007

We're Blogging Until the Cows Come Home...

Moooooooo-ve over! The cows won…so we had to slow down to a crawl until the herd had safely crossed the road.

Good morning friends! We had hoped to share an update from the field, but an unforseen illness (always a potential issue when you travel outside the United States) has kept Kelly from giving us a daily update.

However, we did receive this of the many interesting views from inside the van on their drive out to the Copán Ruinas on Wednesday. Generally, not something most of us see when driving on the freeway...certainly reminding them that they weren't in Kansas (City) anymore.

Get better soon Kelly!

Check back later today and again on Saturday for the latest updates from the field.


Anonymous said...

I am a Honduran native living in the US. My wife and I currently sponsor two kids, one in Colombia, and the other in the Dominican Republic. There were no Honduran kids available when we began our sponsorship. Are there any plans to expand the sponsorship coverage area to include the North coast area of Honduras? Cities located on the north coast include: Tela - my hometown, Triunfo de la Cruz, Trujillo, Santa Fe, La Ceiba, Puerto Castilla, Puerto Cortes, Balfate, Puerto Lempira, and Islas de la Bahia.



Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment. Honduras is currently not on the list for expansion at this time.

Our current expansion plans in Central America focus on new community centers in Mexico and Guatemala.

Your hometown, Tela, is a beautiful place! I went there on my very first trip to Honduras. Fond memories indeed :)