Monday, February 5, 2007

An Oasis of Hope

Updated at 4:45pm on Monday, Feb. 5 from Colombia: Hello everyone! We reached our central office today in town and finally have access to a working internet connection, so as promised, here are the photos that I mentioned in the post earlier today...enjoy!

On a hot, sunny day in Barranquilla, we visited "La Sierrita," where more than 5,000 needy children receive help at a Children International community center.

Known simply as Community Center #1, it might more appropriately be called The Oasis. Though it is 17 years old, updates, new, bright paint and expansions have made it more modern and more inviting.

While we were there, it was filled with boisterous children who were receiving medical and dental exams and enjoying the spacious, shade-covered courtyard, or a book in the unique, octagonal library.

Because we are using a mobile device while we’re in the field, we won’t be able to post the photos we snapped until later today or tomorrow – so please check back. Meanwhile, though, we wanted to share the responses we got to a question we always like to ask of sponsored children...what would you like to say to your sponsor?

Luis Carlos, age 8 said:
"My sponsor changed my life! Thanks for the help with my allowed my dream of speaking normally to come true!"

María Pájaro, age 7 and newly sponsored said:
"I love all the services that we are given and all of the nice things I see in my community."

Mileydys Corbarcas, age 6 said:
"I'm so happy that my sponsor chose me! I have a good, kind sponsor that gives me the opportunity to receive gifts and medical attention. I want to know my sponsor better."

María Guerrero, age 8 said:
"I only have happiness in my life since I've been sponsored. I feel like I have a lot of support and I'm important to someone far away."

These words, the hopeful and grateful thoughts of children who truly depend on sponsorship, affirm our efforts. They are the stories that highlight the change taking place in Colombia, and all the things that people like you make possible.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for adding this new mode of communication! It adds a depth of understanding and a new layer of meaning to sponsorship. Having this (nearly) real-time account of your time "in the field" is quite exciting!

Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

It's been great reading everyone's's so meaningful to me and my colleagues, while here in the field, to know that our work is reaching so many of you, our dedicated sponsors. See you again soon on the blog!