Monday, September 29, 2008

Overcoming Disaster

Opening a new community center is always a special occasion for Children International, and our new center in Patulul, in rural Guatemala, was no exception.

This center was particularly interesting to me, though, because it will serve the needs of my own sponsored child, Jessica.

Patulul was hit hard by Hurricane Stan in October of 2005. You may recall footage in our video archives showing families who lost their homes and livestock – and in the more tragic cases, even loved ones.

Now the Children International community center stands in Patulul as a beacon of hope – a daily reminder that, just as we were there for them after the storm, we’ll be there to help the community’s children reach for a better life.

Here are some pictures from the inauguration event. Enjoy!

The new Children International community center in Patulul, Guatemala.

Sponsored youth sported traditional garb...

...And sponsored children honored the occasion with a song.

Agency Director H├ęctor Rivera and sponsored children cut the ribbon while Children International CFO David Houchen looks on.


evergreen3 said...

How many community centers are there in rural Guatamala? I have two sponsored children living in rural Guatamala but I don't know how large an area that encompasses...the entire rest of the country outside of Guatamala City...or within a certain region or certain communities or how large an area this is?

Kelly said...

Hi evergreen3,

We have four community centers in rural Guatemala. All of these are located within 70 miles or less of Guatemala City.