Monday, January 28, 2008

Lifting Lives

One of the greatest single costs of doing business for most organizations stems from the expense of recruiting new customers. Children International is no different.

We invest in a variety of media to get the word out about sponsorship and encourage individuals to become sponsors. And as you can imagine, these days the phone just isn’t ringing as much as it used to and new sponsors are harder and harder to come by.

The thing is, there’s no shortage of children who desperately need the vital programs and material benefits of sponsorship. And that’s where you can help.

We have to get the word out to as many people as we can as economically as possible. And according to a 2007 Nielsen report, word-of-mouth is the single most powerful form of advertising that exists.1

That’s why we’ve launched the Lift One Project. I’ve asked CI writer Kevin Fleming to give us a brief idea of how Lift One works, and how you can use it to help us free up funds that are critically needed in areas of direct importance to the children:

“Finding more sponsors for more children is what the Lift One Project is all about. It is a great way to explain Children International to your family or friends who you think would enjoy the sponsorship experience. After registering at you’ll be able to create your own webpage, upload your email contacts and send messages to encourage others to become sponsors. If we all just find one other person to sponsor just one more child, what a difference that would make!”

If you’re a sponsor but you haven’t yet become familiar with the Lift One Project, please take a moment to visit our site now and read more about it. And if you’re not yet a sponsor, we’d love to have you join our efforts to change the world – child by child.



evergreen3 said...

Is there any way we would know if friends or relatives chose to sponsor a child? I'm constantly encouraging others to sponsor, and many say they would like to, but I don't know if they follow thru.

Jennifer said...

You can click on a button that allows you to receive notice when someone sponsors through your lift one project. there is also an honor roll that list the names of people who sponsored through your lift one site that can be placed on your lift one project.

Andrea said...

I set up my site:

But I would like to see what others put on theirs. Is there a directory of sponsors' pages planned?

Jennifer said...

Hey Andrea! Thanks for setting up your Lift One page. Your Eliana sure has grown-up!

Right now there is no way to browse other people's pages, unless you know someone who has also set-up a page. If so, you can search by first and last name.

The directory is on the list of "cool" things that we'll work on in the future.

Sarah said...

Andrea, I really like your LiftOne page! :) Mine is at , if you'd like to see it. I don't think I did a great job with it, but I'm still hoping it might convince at least one of my friends to get involved.

I've been searching for common first names in order to browse other LiftOne pages, but I agree, a directory would be neat.

Valerie said...

I agree that a directory would be helpful. I love your site, Sarah, and commend you for sponsoring 5 children!

One question, I notice that a lot of people's sites don't have line breaks, so paragraphs are running together. Sarah's was an exception. How can I apply line breaks? My page: