Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanks, Annie and Sara!

Posted on behalf of Kevin Fleming.

When 12-year-olds Annie and Sara discovered the harsh realities of life for some African children from their 7th grade religion teacher, they had to ask themselves, “What can we do about this?”

“When we heard about kids with AIDS, malaria or malnutrition, we decided to do something good,” explains Sara.

For inspiration, they had to look no further than their own wrists and to the neatly woven thread bracelets they wore. They decided to create bracelets and sell them to their friends for $1 apiece. The bracelets only take about five minutes each to create – a job Annie and Sara really enjoy.

Their bracelets came with the message that more could be done to attack the problems that plague other children around the world.

A school wide bazaar provided yet another way to market their wares and raise not only money, but also awareness. They added earrings and cookies to their offerings – and made $80 in all (so far)!

They decided to donate the money to Children International and help support our work in Lusaka, Zambia. Children International – Zambia has over 200 sponsored children who have been identified as being malnourished, and 80 of these are HIV-positive.

Annie and Sara’s kind donation is going toward the purchase of new cups, plates and utensils to better serve the nutritious meals that volunteer mothers prepare at the community center three times a week.


Anonymous said...

it is nice to see american children taking part in helping poor children around the world instead of being worried about what new electronic thing they dont have... perspective is key.. kudos to annie and sara

hopensms said...

Great Job Annie and Sara! Keep up the good work. You are doing more good than you know. :)

Alice Robb said...

Thank you to Annie and Sara,
I am a sponsor to two children from Zambia. I try to get as much as I can to help them but everyone can help. I see the changes in my children that Children International is doing. They are precious children and I love them as like they were my own. But I am so thankful to see children are helping children. Thank you so much.