Saturday, August 11, 2007

Journeys to Your Mailbox

Three times a year, Children International’s Journeys magazine is delivered to the doorsteps of our sponsors and donors. We are very proud of this summer’s edition. We believe it demonstrates how sponsorship is like the summer sun that encourages the tomato plants, grape vines and corn stalks to reach their full potential. In fact, we believe the overall theme for this edition could be “the fruits of sponsorship.”

Here’s a peek into some of this edition’s featured stories.

Three of a Kind
The cover story by Scott Cotter introduces us to Adolfo, Dalis, and Remberto… three young adults from Cartagena who are following their dreams.
“…But more and more, with a little help and guidance, the sounds of change are ringing out loud and clear, and children who once would have been lost are learning the potential that lives within them.”

For the Greater Good
Damon Guinn tells the story of Dr. Mariela Castillo Pires of El Progreso, Honduras. She is one of Children International’s 152 staff doctors.
“…Suddenly, a woman burst through the front doors of the clinic, clutching the limp body of a young girl and crying out for help. Dr. Castillo sprang into action.”

A Lesson From Lucas
Children International’s communications coordinator in Chile, Leopoldo Montecinos, receives a gift from an unlikely source.
“If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s that you never stop learning…”

Journeys is a great way for us to share with you the cause and effects of sponsorship. If you enjoyed this edition of Journeys, make sure to pass your copy on to someone else who has yet to sponsor a child. They may find it a journey worth joining.

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