Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

There is no doubt about it, mothers are special. While spending time with my own mom on Mother’s Day, I was thinking about all the moms in our program who unselfishly give their time volunteering. We have thousands of volunteers around the world and without them our program wouldn’t work nearly as well.

Most are women like Mayra Bohórquez. Mayra lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador. With training that she received at her local community center, she learned how to prepare nutritious food with very little money. And now she teaches other moms in the community -- especially those with malnourished children -- how to cook dishes that are inexpensive and healthy.

“If the children don’t like carrots, I show the moms how to make a carrot cake that the children will eat for sure,” Mayra explains.

Mayra’s other volunteer duties include measuring children for their shoe size during gift distributions. But her heart is obviously in her cooking, a job she clearly loves.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge with family and friends,” Mayra said.

Thanks to all of the moms just like Mayra who help to make our program special!

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