Monday, April 9, 2007

One Million and Counting…

After sending their third child off to college, Carl Weinberg, and his wife, Wendy Reingold, felt like empty-nesters, so they decided to sponsor a second child through Children International.

To their surprise, they sponsored the one-millionth child to receive benefits from Children International.

“That’s incredible! I had no idea that so many children had received help through Children International. That’s an incredible amount of children,” Weinberg added.

Carl traveled to Cartagena in late March to meet his sponsored child, 5-year-old Yorledis Jaramillo.

“Neither words nor pictures could possibly suffice to describe the experience,” Carl explained. “I am certain you've seen pictures of children who live in poverty and squalor and, to be sure, we saw no shortage of unpaved streets, dirt floors, corrugated iron roofs and children walking in the dirt, semi-clothed, alongside sewage and garbage in the streets of Cartagena.

“What stands out most about my experience in Colombia, however, was not the poverty, but rather the incredible success that Children International has had in breaking the cycle of poverty for so many children and their families.” Carl said.

Most people know Weinberg to be a skeptic when it comes to organizations like Children International, but as he explains, “it is rare for me to personally vouch for any organization. If you have ever experienced any thought or desire to do some good for people in dire need of assistance, however, I would wholeheartedly commend you to Children International.”

Thank you to Carl and Wendy for their dedication to the Children International mission.

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Betsemes said...

I just passed through an exciting experience that I want to share. Yesterday, I got the pictures where CI shows me how they spent a special gift I sent to Rovelyn. It was specially to buy a bed for the family, but there was an excess for other needs. I showed the pictures to some coworkers and one of them got interested on sponsorship. Twice in the past, someone has stepped forward to sponsor a child because of this; but most of the time, any willingness to sponsor goes with the wind. This time I was more aggressive. I went to the waiting children search engine and looked for girls 5-7 years old. I chose one, copy/pasted her picture into an email, copy/pasted the link to the girl's profile and emailed it. My coworker told me she will sponsor her. Now, I don't know whether she will actually do it (I can do a follow up:-)), but I think this is a more effective way to find new sponsors. The downfall of this is that the sponsorship option is not frozen and another one might sponsor her in the meantime. I think if I could get five, ten, or maybe twenty reserved waiting children's profiles to show to friends and coworkers, I might be able to find sponsors more easily than through sponsorthon (my usage of sponsorthon has been ineffective as of today). If I could choose them online, it might be much better than sent randomly by CI. But there is always the choice of getting them online and email or show them to other people and see whether they get interested.